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Aug 9, 2019

Les Nanberg of Cornerstone Wealth Management in Boston said he sees big slowdowns in economic activity around the world, including the United States, and ntoed that itnerest rate cuts will not do much to stem weakness, especially with a trade war making growth and recovery more difficult. He expects to see a recession start before the year is up, and has had clients go 10 percent lighter than normal on equities as they play defense; he is also mostly in Treasuries on the bond side, noting that he fears weakness in rates too. While Nanberg's analysis was based on fundamentals, D.R. Barton jr. of talked technicals and he believes the market will actually go higher over the rest of the year, and Charles Rotblut of discussed his group's investor sentiment survey, which showed a lot of bearishness that he suggested might represent a buying opportunity. Amid all of those market disagreements, Chuck also chatted with Kimberly Clausing, author of 'Open: The Progressive Case for Free Trade, Immigration, and Global Capital.'