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Jun 28, 2021

Dave King, head of income and growth strategies for Columbia Threadneedle Investments, says that income-oriented investors should be revisiting a popular old strategy -- the Dogs of the Dow -- buying the highest-yielding stocks of the benchmark index. The strategy has fallen out of favor in recent years, while value investing has struggled, King says, but now is a good time to look for more yield out of large-cap stocks. Also on the show, David Goodsell of the Natixis Investment Managers’ Center for Investor Insight discusses survey data showing that average American investors are expecting historically high returns from stocks -- above 17 percent before inflation -- for the year ahead, David Trainer of New Constructs talks about an accounting problem that misstates the financial condition of many companies and, in the Market Call, Brian Frank of the Frank Value Fund talks 'absolute value' and whether the current market leaves any stocks that meet his tough valuation standards.