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Nov 24, 2021

Two portfolio managers provide a lot of reason for investor optimism in today's show, with Larry Cordisco of Osterweis Capital Management discussing 'pockets of opportunity' in the market, highlighted by quality names that have actually been lagging behind the market as it has returned to record-high levels. Cordisco sees opportunities in dividend-paying stocks, which is particularly important for investors looking for income. Meanwhile, Jack Janasiewicz of Natixis Investment Managers says that strong corporate earnings and consumer spending should be able to overcome inflation concerns to limit the market's potential for a downturn, turning any downturn into a buying opportunity for long-term investors. Also on the show, Noland Langford of Left Brain Investment Research revisits Nvidia and Bath and Body Works to see if they can continue their fast-growth trajectory after positive third-quarter earnings reports, and Chuck answers an audience-member's question about U.S. Savings Bonds.