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Aug 25, 2020

Avi Gilburt, founder of the Elliott Wave Trader, says he expects the Standard and Poor's 500 Index to hit 5,000 by 2022, and while he believes there will be a pullback before that rally starts, he believes there will be a 'global melt-up' that will dramatically lift global markets in 2021, allowing them to reach his long-term target the following year. Also on the show, Marc Chaikin: of Chaikin Analytics says that the market is only disconnected from the economy 'if you go by the old rules,' noting that unique times call for different guidelines and benchmarks. Chaikin says he will not fight either the Fed or the trend, notig that both are pushing the market higher and likely will keep it going that way into 2021 and beyond. Kasara Barto of joins Chuck to discuss about how travel insurance is working during the pandemic and who is actually using it now, and Jane Edmondson of EQM Indexes talks rules-based stock investing in the Market Call.