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Oct 12, 2021

Warren Pierson, deputy chief investment officer for the Baird Funds, says that while the Federal Reserve initially suggested that 'transitory' inflation would be here for a matter of months, it's now a much longer definition as the pace of recovery is slower than expected. Still, Pierson says that inflation will abate and eventually give the Fed what it has been hoping for, a level slightly north of 2 percent. Pierson also gives his outlook for fixed income -- covering virtually every bond type from mortgage-backed securities to junk bonds -- in a wide-ranging chat. In the Book Interview, author Eswar Prasad discusses 'The Future of Money,' and his expectation that the world will become a cashless society sooner than later, but not necessarily in ways that cryptocurrency experts expect. Also on the show, Jill Gonzalez of talks about a survey showing that more than 40 percent of consumers would pay more for flights and/or hotels that only allowed customers vaccinated against Covid-19, and John Cole Scott of Closed-End Fund Advisors and the Active Investment Company Alliance helps Chuck answer a listener's question about whether closed-end funds are appropriate for younger investors and taxable accounts.