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Feb 24, 2022

Eddy Vataru, portfolio manager for the Osterweis Total Return Fund, says that inflation will remain a hot-button topic for investors for several years because the Federal Reserve 'is going to have a really hard time getting 6 or 7 percent inflation down to 2, which is their longer-term target.' Vataru says that how the Fed accomplishes that and the tools they use to reduce inflation will go a long way to determining what the stock and bond markets are capable of achieving and the results they can deliver. Also on the show, there's a new ETF built specifically to take advantage of opportunities in inflationary times, and Tom Lydon of makes it the ETF of the Week, and in the Market Call, Christopher Zook, president of CAZ Investments discusses long-term, thematic investing at a time with so many short- and intermediate-term headlines and worries.