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Jun 27, 2022

Adam Peck, co-founder of Riverwater Partners, says it's a buyer's market right now, especially in the small-cap space with stock prices having fallen to where there are more compelling values and real long-term opportunities. At the same time, he says in the Market Call interview that those conditions put a premium on sifting through the many potential buys to hone in on the right ones. Also on the show, Jim Cullen, founder of Schaefer Cullen Capital Management makes "The Case for Long-Term Value Investing'' -- which is the title of his new book, Kyle Guske from New Constructs talks about three zombie stocks with cash-flow issues so bad that their stocks could be headed to $0, and Megan Sanctorum discusses a recent study showing that people would need a surprisingly large win in the lottery before they would call it quits on their jobs.