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Feb 28, 2020

Bill Nygren, manager of the Oakmark Fund, notes that there is always some sort of crisis or problem that threatens the market, and that investors need to remember that their objective is a real-life financial goal and not winning some game of beating the market now, and he notes that there are compelling values -- even before the current downturn -- that long-term buyers should be considering now rather than focusing on the fallout from coronavirus and other short-term events. Also on the show, Michael Sincere -- who warned of the current downturn on the show at the start of February -- returns to discuss what is next from a technical standpoint now that the Standard and Poor's 500 has broken below its 200-day moving average, Rick Konrad, director of value strategy for The Roosevelt Investment Group talks about value investing's natural advantage in closed-end funds, and Mark Charest of the AlphaCentric LifeSci Healthcare Fund talks biotech and pharmaceutical issues in the Market Call.