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Apr 27, 2022

Thomas Winmill, manager of the Midas Fund, says that while gold has not done well in its traditional role as an inflation hedge over the last year as higher prices have gripped the country, it would be too early to give up on precious metals filling that role, especially as inflation stays in place for longer than was initially expected. Winmill also notes that if the economy heads into a recession, the permanence of gold will elevate it over cryptocurrencies and other hot assets that have been proposed as alternatives to precious metals in troubled times. Also on the show, Rob Williams of the Schwab Center for Financial Research, discusses a recent survey showing how younger generations are re-imagining retirement, resulting in better preparedness for their golden years, even as those times will look different than the standard retirements of the past. In the Market Call, Brent Wilsey of Wilsey Asset Management talks about crunching the numbers on stocks, especially during volatile times like what investors are facing now.