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Oct 31, 2022

Quincy Krosby, chief global strategist at LPL Financial, says that the stock market has been signaling a coming recession -- albeit not likely to be "a deep scary one" -- but the key will be the speed of recovery, and that may hinge on how and when the Federal Reserve eases up on or reverses interest-rate hikes. Crosby notes that one thing that will help the recovery is that the dollar should weaken once the Fed makes it clear that the cycle of rate hikes is ending; she pointed to multi-national companies like Apple and Microsoft as examples of firms who saw global revenue growth hindered by the strength of the dollar. Also on the show: Kyle Guske of New Constructs puts a four-star mutual fund into "The Danger Zone," noting that it's filled with dangerous stocks and that past performance isn't likely to dictate future success; Greg Jenkins, head of institutional defined contribution for Invesco, examines the firm's recent survey showing that employees feel alone -- and unsupported by their employers -- in trying to determine the best investment strategy for retirement, and author and investment adviser Kristen Ragusin discusses her new book, "The End of Scarcity: The Dawn of the New Abundant World.”