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Nov 18, 2022

Jacob Channel, senior economist at LendingTree, says that while everyone is counting on the Federal Reserve to beat back inflation and tackle the economic problems facing the nation, 'the reality is that some of the issues we are facing aren't the kind of issues that the Fed has the ability to fix." He warns that if global supply chains struggle, prices will remain high no matter what happens with interest rates, and a worst-case scenario would be stagflation where unemployment is rising but prices email high; while that is not his base case for what's next, he expects a recession in 2023 as the price paid for getting a handle on inflation and returning the economy to more normal times. Also on the show, Michael Grayson, portfolio manager for three interval funds from First Trust Capital Management, says that investors should be giving up some liquidity to get the flexibility to invest in assets that their standard mutual fund or ETF can't hold responsibly, allowing investors to generate decent returns at times when the rest of the market is struggling. Plus, Jamie Dunaway-Seale of Clever Real Estate discusses the site's recent survey showing that a surprising number of home sellers are feeling remorse for the move they made, and Chuck answer's a listener's question on where to park short-term cash now to generate yield responsibly without taking on too much risk.