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Jun 30, 2020

Brad Lamensdorf of the Lamensdorf Market Timing Report and the Ranger Equity Bear fund (HDGE) says that the market's expectations are swinging between extremes -- from a high-greed environment to a high-fear market and back again -- and that investors should pay more attention to technical signals because there are so many unknowns happening to fundamentals for the foreseeable future. Lamensdorf believes in buying fear and selling greed and expects opportunities for both during volatile market swings ahead. Also on the show, Brian Kersmanc of GQG Partners notes that investors 'can't predict when it's going to rain, but can build arks,' and suggests getting defensive, diversifying across asset classes and countries and going 'where the data points lead you.' Plus Mark Hamrick of discusses how Americans feel their personal financial standing is after three years of the Trump Administration, and David Brady of Brady Investment Counsel talks growth investing in the Market Call.