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Oct 8, 2021

Everett Millman, precious metals specialist at Gainesville Coins, says that while investors traditionally turn to gold to act as a hedge against inflation, precious metals haven't been as good of a hedge as stocks and other assets. Millman says the market seems to be buying the narrative that inflation is transitory, noting that money has been flowing out of precious metals at a time when most people would expect demand to be high; it has also limited gold's effectiveness in these inflationary, rising-rate times. In The NAVigator segment, Eric Chadwick, president at Flaherty & Crumrine, says that preferred securities are the 'sweet spot' in this market, offering relatively attractive yields without adding significant risk to a portfolio. Also on the show, Catherine Golladay discusses how workers are more stressed about their finances now, but also more optimistic that they are moving in the right directions, and the Market Call is a rebroadcast of a recent chat with Nancy Tengler, chief investment strategist at  Laffer Tengler Wealth Management.