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Jul 28, 2020

Today's wide-ranging show starts with Patrick Jankowski of the National Association for Business Economics discussing the group's most recent survey of members, two-thirds of whom expect the economy to be in a recovery with two-thirds of respondents expecting Growth by year's end. Greg McBride of chats about a different survey, one that shows that for just the second time in the last eight years, investors now believe that stocks will be the best place to invest for the next decade. With so many still favoring real estate and cash, McBride notes how investors may be showing their less-than-admiral traits in the research. Also on the show, Anix Vyas of Harding Loevner, talks about the small-cap rally he believes is on the horizon and the premium investors can get by going international with the aset class, and Gerry Frigon of Taylor Frigon talks stocks in the Market Call.