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Jan 28, 2020

D.R. Barton Jr. of says that the market is likely to over-react this week to news about the corona virus and corporate earnings -- with nearly half of the Dow industrial stocks reporting earnings -- and he notes that the frothy should create a buying opportunity for investors, although they should be patient to let the downturn play out before buying in fully. That sentiment was seconded by J.J. Kinahan of T.D. Ameritrade, who notes in the Big Interview that most experts are expecting single-digit gains for the stock market in 2020, and that he mostly agrees with those expectations, except that the market's strong January means that the second half of the year is likely to be choppy, volatile and mostly sideways. Also on the show, Greg McBride of talks about Americans' emergency savings, and then Tom Plumb of the Plumb Funds covers growth stocks in the Market Call.