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May 20, 2022

In a bonus interview from Money Life at Morningstar, Sarah Ketterer -- chief executive officer at Causeway Capital Management -- warns investors against turning paper losses into real ones, sticking with what has been working or what still has the potential to pan out that an investor saw when they made their purchase, though she acknowledges that playing with a portfolio on the margins and making moderate changes can help weather the storm and take advantage of the inevitable rebound. After that, Money Life returns to its normal programming, with Duncan Farley of the Destra International Event Driven Credit Fund discussing market opportunities now being created by today's troubling market conditions and how that has led his fund to positive performance at a time when almost all traditional funds are down. Also, Regina Conway, consumer expert at Slickdeals, discusses consumer regrets from online shopping, and Jenny Xia Spradling, co-chief executive officer, at FreeWill discusses how evolutions in investing -- most notably cryptocurrencies -- are impacting estate planning.