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Aug 24, 2022

Arjun Jayaraman, portfolio manager at Causeway Capital Management says that emerging markets investors are trying to decide if the next 10 years will be as flat and troubled as the last decade, and he says that despite prominent, key headline risks, China and emerging markets have plenty of promise now, and should turn out to be better over the next 10 years than they were over the last 10. Jayaraman says if forced to invest in just one emerging market country, his pick would be South Korea, but he thinks that China and others are well-positioned to make progress once the global inflation crisis eases. Daniel Strachman, managing partner at A&C Advisors and the author of "Julian Robertson: A Tiger in the Land of Bulls and Bears," discusses the legendary hedge fund manager and what made him one of the most influential and unique forces ever in money management; Robertson passed away Tuesday at age 90. Ted Rossman, senior industry analyst at; @tedrossman; @creditcardscom