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Mar 27, 2020

John Blank, chief economist at Zacks Investment Research, says that the market's reaction to the coronavirus public health crisis was foreseeable but overblown, and that strong earnings projections on tap for companies once conditions normalize make a strong rebound look inevitable. He makes the case that the current event-driven recession is not look like the structural recession of 2008, which is why it will be a much shorter event. Also on the show, Thomas Winmill of the Midas Fund discusses how gold has held up, and gives his take on a recent Goldman Sachs' comment urging people to buy gold as the 'currency of last resort,' Buck Klintworth of Chase Investment Counsel talks technicals, Rob Shaker of Shaker Financial covers big discounts in closed-end funds in The NAVigator, and Chuck explains why a fun thing he started with his daughter has the show picking today's theme music from 'The Love Boat.'