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May 5, 2023

Alaina Anderson, co-portfolio manager of the William Blair International Leaders Fund, says investors should be looking abroad with their money right now because the market has reached an inflection point with international stocks being much more attractively valued than domestics, and having improved profitability and sustainable results now. Anderson warns that the global rate-hiking cycle may not be done, but says foreign stocks may be better positioned to ride out whatever central banks dish out next. Buck Klintworth, portfolio manager at Chase Investment Counsel, says it's a market of conflicting signals where the technicals can make a case for just about any outcome. He sees a bullish Standard and Poor's 500, but notes that much of the strength has been among the largest names, suggesting that the rally is not sustainable long-term. In The NAVigator segment, Christian Munafo, chief investment officer, in Liberty Street Advisors -- which runs the Private Shares Fund -- says there are two stories dominating the private equity markets, with high-performing well-financed private innovation companies being proverbial unicorns compared to less- differentiated, less-capitalized companies which are more prone than ever to failure due to conditions in the capital markets. In the Market Call, Daniel Dusina, director of investments at Blue Chip Partners, talks brand-name, large-cap stocks.