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Jun 18, 2024

Dedicated value investor John Buckingham, editor of The Prudent Speculator and principal portfolio manager at Kovitz Investment Group, says that the long run of the Magnificent Seven has not made it impossible for value investors to hold some of them, noting that while the very hottest don't meet the definition of value, other tech giants like Alphabet and Meta Platforms are trading at levels that shouldn't scare the bargain hunters away. He discusses his buying and trimming strategy in the Market Call. Ebony Reed and Louise Story, co-authors of "Fifteen Cents on the Dollar: How Americans Made the Black-White Wealth Gap" discuss how Americans view wealth — and often confuse it for income — and how that it will take well over a century, barring legislative progress, to make any significant progress that levels the wealth field for all Americans. Plus, Rob Williams, managing director of financial planning at Charles Schwab discusses the firm's eighth annual Modern Wealth Survey, which showed that More than 60% of Americans feel they are in a better position to achieve their financial goals than the generations that came before them.