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May 24, 2022

In two different interviews today, experts see a market capable of rallying but not necessarily able to hold off a longer-term bearish trend. Market-timer Heeten Doshi, portfolio manager at  Doshi Capital Management, says that we're seeing "a day trader's market" -- high on volatility, low on direction and conviction from buyers -- that is poised for "a big bounce" or a bear-market rally because it has been oversold recently. Likewise, Avi Gilburt of ElliottWave Trader sees a rally that could start "at any point now," which could bring some back and forth that gets the market back to record-high territory, though he sees a long-term bear market that will last for years arriving in or after 2024. Also on the show, Anuj Nayar discusses a recent study from Lending Club and PYMNTS showing that more Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck, including a lot of people with good salaries and high credit scores, and John Augustine, chief investment officer at Huntington Private Bank discusses stocks in the Market Call.