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Nov 30, 2022

Alan McKnight, chief investment officer at Regions Asset Management, says that fallout from the current global supply-chain crisis will be a worldwide shift to there is going to "near-sourcing," the ability to have suppliers closer to home, which will lead to Corporate American spending money to make it happen, which should benefit industrial companies and energy stocks moving forward. Those sectors plus health care should be leading as the market and economy head into a volatile 2023 that McKnight says may not include a recession if the Federal Reserve gets its moves right. Also on the show, analyst Sarah Foster returns to the show to discuss how inflation has been hitting some of the biggest holiday expense items hard and how higher costs could be the Grinch to steal Christmas traditions this year, plus we revisit a recent chat all about the financial and banking sectors with David Ellison, portfolio manager for the Hennessy Large-Cap Financial and Hennessy Small-Cap Financial funds.