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Feb 25, 2022

Bill Nygren, co-manager of the Oakmark Fund -- whose three-decade track record has made him an investment legend -- says that while the video from the Ukraine is distressing and the headlines about interest rates and inflations are worrisome, investors need to stay focused on the long run. Nygren says that he doesn't think 'any of the events we are seeing in the world today will meaningfully affect our estimates of business value,' though he notes that they will move prices to create buying opportunities that will pay off in time. There's also more talk on value investing as Mike Liss of the American Century Value Fund talks 'relative value' and stocks in the Market Call. And in The NAVigator segment, Mike Taggart of Taggart Fund Intelligence and the Active Investment Company Alliance, says that investors seeing discounts widen in closed-end funds due to current market confusion will find that these conditions make it important to buying the underlying asset and not just the biggest discounts.