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Feb 23, 2024

Bill Nygren, co-manager of the Oakmark Fund, says investors should expect slower growth from the market for the next decade; as a result, he says "the long-term equity investor should probably be thinking about something on the order of 7or 8 percent a year rather than the double-digit level." There will still be buys, Nygrem says, but investors will need to go against the herd -- and be selective amongst names like the Magnificent Seven stocks -- in order to find them.  John Cole Scott, president of Closed-End Fund Advisors, digs into his firm's data to compare and contrast business development companies and municipal bond closed-end funds as a way to pump up yield without feeling like you've taken on too much risk in a scary interest rate environment. Plus, Michael Loukas, chief executive officer at TrueMark Investments, talks about artificial intelligence and deep learning stocks in The Market Call.