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Mar 26, 2021

Kevin Mahn, president and chief investment officer at Hennion and Walsh, says that valuations are stretched and growth could be hard to find, but a new period of economic expansion coupled with a shift in market leadership -- with small caps and more coming to the fore -- will create new investment leaders for investors to pursue. He sees the rebound from coronavirus leading into a multi-year economic expansion. continuing for several years. Also on the show, Adam Grimes of MarketLife Trading and Talon Advisors says that there are few troubling technical signals suggesting any reason to lose confidence in the current bull market, which he also expects to be a multi-year move. In The NAVigator segment, Craig Packer of Owl Rock Capital talks about business-development companies and how the BDC loan market has been impacted by the pandemic, and Ryan Jacob of the Jacob Funds talks technology stocks in the Market Call.