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Feb 23, 2022

Author James Fok discusses his new book 'Financial Cold War,' about economic relations between the United States and China, noting that the longer current tensions linger, the worse the situation gets for both the countries and their citizens. Making the situation worse, Fok says, are that people in both countries are finding it harder to get by, and with politicians glossing over domestic issues and deflecting to an outside enemy, it is stoking the flames of nationalism and making it harder to avoid a damaging economic donnybrook.Also on the show, David Goodsell of the Natixis Investment Managers' Center for Investor Insight discusses a recent survey showing that investors have overblown return expectations that their advisers are struggling to bring in line with reality, and Eric Lynch, managing director at Scharf Investments and portfolio manager on the Scharf Funds talks in the Market Call about balancing upside potential against downside risk.