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Jan 25, 2024

Brett Ewing, chief market strategist at First Franklin Financial Services, says that while he expects large-cap stocks -- led by the Magnificent Seven names -- to have a positive year that could potentially see returns in the 8 to 9 percent range, the market has set up for smaller companies to really pay off. He says that small-and mid-cap stocks are trading at reasonable levels, giving them the potential to gain 15 to 25 percent in 2024. Meanwhile, Todd Rosenbluth is looking to stick with large-cap stocks -- but finding a cheaper way to own them while favoring value stocks -- as he picks a new large-cap index-based fund from Goldman Sachs as his ETF of the Week. Michael Young, director of education and outreach at the Sustainable Investment Forum, gives his outlook for ESG investing -- and for the controversies and politicization of funds with environmental, social and governance agendas -- in the year ahead, before Todd Jones, chief investment officer at Gratus Capital makes his debut in the Market Call talking stocks.