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Feb 28, 2024

Meb Faber, chief executive and chief investment officer at Cambria Investments, says value investing is poised for success, not just in the United States -- where the market has been dominated by a few high-priced big names -- but globally, and particularly in emerging markets where the technology names that almost never trade at discounts here are bargain-priced now. In a wide-ranging interview, Faber discusses how the market's run has highlighted the disfunction of some conventional indexes, the parts of the market that excite him -- and that Cambria Funds has released new issues to cover -- and more. In "The Financial Crunch," Brent Thurman, chief executive officer at Money Pickle, dispels some common misconceptions about financial planning that are being spread in television commercials by a big national firm. Plus, in the Money Life Market Call, Eric Boughton, chief analyst at Matisse Capital, talks about buying the big discounts currently available in closed-end funds.