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Feb 11, 2022

Chris Maxey, senior vice president for investments at Wealthspire, says that investors --especially those close to retirement -- should be anxious for interest rates to re-set higher so that they can lock in better return stream, even though they will suffer through volatility while the bond market goes through the transition. Maxey also noted that investors should expect January's rough stretch of volatility to be repeated several times throughout 2022, making this a good time to rebalance a portfolio to stay on target through the back-and-forth. In 'The NAVigator' segment, Mike Taggart of Taggart Fund Intelligence -- the recently appointed executive director of the Active Investment Company Alliance -- talks about how investors should expect closed-end funds to perform in rising-rate cycles and whether investors should bank on senior-loan funds while rates are going up. And in the Market Call, Chris Krumenacker, senior equity research analyst at Bryn Mawr Trust, talks about where he is finding buys amid changing market conditions, how he maintains his 'watch list' and more.