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Dec 15, 2023

Bryan Cannon, chief portfolio strategist at Cannon Advisors, says we're in a secular bull market right now, but he notes that a secular bear -- usually not recognizable until it's in the rearview mirror -- could be close, because "you've never had inflation without a secular bear market." Cannon expects the current rally to continue into the new year, but he notes the charts and the trends could change along with the calendar, making it hard to read 2024. Also on the show, Sarah Foster discusses the latest survey showing that some 60 percent of Americans say that their income has not kept pace with inflation. In The NAVigator segment, Adam Sparkman -- part of the team running the Thornburg Income Builder Opportunity Trust -- says "it's a different menu within fixed income entering 2024 than it was a couple of years ago," which has him increasing credit quality, taking less risk and lengthening maturity as we start seeing how potential rate cuts take shape.  Plus Daniel Kern, chief investment officer at Nixon Peabody Trust Co., talks stocks and funds/ETFs in the Market Call.