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Dec 29, 2023

Long-time technical analyst Gene Peroni of Peroni Portfolio Advisors and Advisors Asset Management says that -- while many people look at the market's returns in January and expect them to dictate the year -- he believes the current rally is setting the stage for 2024, showing the market's resilience. He is re-setting support levels to the market's July summer highs, and he thinks that it will keep bouncing back, making the market outlook for the year ahead pretty solid. Also on the show, John Cole Scott, president of Closed-End Fund Advisors,  looks back at how the closed-end fund industry bounced back from the challenges of a terrible year in 2022, and how his forecasts from a year ago -- including his five funds for 2023 -- have played out. Plus, Chuck goes over his financial to-do list for the new year, 15 items that all savers, consumers and investors could take on to gain better control of their finances and to make more of their money.