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Oct 22, 2021

Frank Holmes, chief executive at U.S. Global Investors, says that the big trade he's making now involves gold, which he says are cheap relative to technology stocks, which are raising dividends and which are poised for a big mean-reversion snap-back. Holmes -- who also is chairman at Hive Blockchain -- also discusses crypto currencies, the new bitcoin-related ETF, the broad market and more. Also on the show: Larry Holzenthaler of Nuveen discusses why investors should diversify income-producing holdings to include floating-rate loans, which he says offer equal returns to high-yield bonds but with less risk. Buck Klintworth of Chase Investment Counsel gives his technical outlook, which he overlays on the reasonable fundamental picture he sees right now, and John Barr, portfolio manager of the Needham Growth and Aggressive Growth funds talks stocks in the Market Call.