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Jun 25, 2020

Crit Thomas, global market strategist at Touchstone Investments, says that the market has written off 2020 and is looking out to 2021, meaning that upcoming corporate guidance is likely to have more market impact than soon-to-be-released economic numbers. Thomas noted that the market's rebound -- which he warns could be affected sharply by coronavirus news concerning a resurgence of afflicted Americans -- has been so strong and fast that it has brought most of the market to unattractive pricing levels. While Thomas is worried about the potential for short-term market troubles, he suggests that investors lengthen their time horizon because the long lens makes it much easier to keep risk and daily market volatility in proper perspective. Also on the show, Tom Lydon of suggests an exchange-traded fund made up of 'fallen knives,' Ted Rossman of discusses travel-credit cards and whether they are worth their fees at a time when few cardholders are traveling, and Jerry Parker of Chesapeake Capital talks stocks in the Market Call.