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Jan 12, 2022

Crit Thomas, global market strategist, Touchstone Investments says that the 'tsunami of liquidity' that was pushed into the economy throughout the pandemic is going to recede in 2022 , and the effects of money being pulled from the economy by the Federal Reserve and the government is enough to make him 'risk neutral' at least until factors like the pandemic, interest rates and inflation play out and reduce uncertainty. Also on the show, Ed Carson, news editor at Investor's Business Daily, discusses the paper's latest Economic Optimism Index, in which it's hard to find any actual good feelings as consumers are scared by inflation and market volatility. Also, Chuck discusses surprising research showing that companies could provide pensions -- and deliver better results -- than by using 401(k) and other popular plans, and the Weird Financial News includes a story on 91,500 oily pennies and the investment value of Legos.