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Aug 10, 2022

Josef Schuster, chief executive officer at IPOX Schuster -- which builds indexes of initial public offerings around the world -- says that the IPO market has suffered along with the rest of the stock market, but it is poised for a rebound because companies must size up the cost of delaying an offering during a market slowdown versus the heightened costs of borrowing money to fund continuing operations. He says the current IPO market reminds him of conditions from roughly 20 years ago after the bursting of the Internet bubble. Also on the show, Dan Griffith of Huntington Private Bank discusses the private equity markets and how they have performed -- and are likely to do moving forward -- relative to the stock and bond markets, Ed Carson, news editor at Investor's Business Daily, talks about the publication's latest survey on investor optimism, and Chuck answers a listener's question about breaking up a family estate.