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Dec 1, 2020

D.R. Barton Jr., editor of Straight-Up Profits, says that investors have so much money currently on the sidelines that when they start to put the money to work, it will force the market higher no matter the other market conditions, which is why he will be 'buying hand over fist' every market dip for the foreseeable future. Barton particularly likes cyclical stocks right now, but also likes the undervalued industrial companies and says that financials represent his favorite beaten-down sector. In the Big Interview, George Kinder of The Kinder Institute of Life Planning discusses how investors should size up their own good fortunes during the troubles of 2020 and find ways to be mature with their money, making them more generous during the holidays this year. Romana King discusses's recent survey showing how badly consumers overestimate their financial knowledge, and the Market Call has Mark Yusko of Morgan Creek Asset Management talking about how individuals can apply the 'endowment method of investing' using ETFs in their own portfolios.