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Jun 13, 2023

Veteran technical analyst Martin Pring of Pring Research says that the primary trends he is seeing right now are up, and he is expecting more of a breakout because we are in the early stages of a bull market, but while that trend is positive, Pring says he has low expectations for the current cycle because the market is in the process of transitioning from a secular bull market to a secular bear market, which he thinks will leave markets range-bound for several years, even if the trend for the remainder of the year is generally positive. Also on the show, Haydar Haba of Andra Capital talks the future of global de-dollarization and his take on how artificial intelligence compares to 'revolutions' of the past, forensic accountant Tracy Coenen points to the hidey holes used to obscure cash in the latest edition of 'Find Me The Money' and Mike Bailey of FBB Capital Partners talks 'beat and replace' investing in the Market Call.