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Oct 4, 2022

JJ Kinahan, chief executive officer, IG North America -- parent company of tastyworks -- says that the stock market is showing signs that current high levels of volatility are likely to stick around into early next year; considering this abnormal market activity, Kinahan says there is nothing wrong with average investors regrouping and taking a breather while waiting for more clear direction from the market. Kinahan notes that he has seen over the last five months more investors moving from individual stocks towards exchange-traded funds, because they believe in the market but worry about being burned by individual stocks blowing up. Also on the show, Jim Royal of discusses a new survey showing that the current "crypto winter" has a lot of investors reconsidering their comfort level with cryptocurrencies, noting that he thinks the negative feelings go beyond the 60 percent decline that the biggest cryptos have experienced this year, and Martin Tarlie, portfolio manager and research analyst at GMO discusses the firm's research looking at how to properly deal with sequence-of-return risk, the condition many older investors are facing now as they look at retiring into a stock market that is struggling.