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Dec 8, 2020

Rob Sharps, head of investments at T. Rowe Price, says that unfulfilled demand that has been building up throughout the pandemic will be unleashed when the coronavirus threat is diminished and it will fuel a major rebound in many of the stocks and sectors that have been beaten down this year. Sharps is optimistic that the market can push higher, though he warns that any recovery will be uneven and says that income investors will need to get creative to overcome low interest rates. Also on the show, Jason Thomas, chief economist at AssetMark,  Jason Thomas says the current economic environment has made it easy for typical investors to miss out on the market's run back to record highs, and while he is optimistic about the future, he notes that average investors may still miss out. And Leo Leydon of Financial Focus Advisory Services says that the market's technicals are showing that a pullback is in the offing; he expected the Standard and Poor's 500 to have a decline of more than 10 percent back to October lows before it can rebound to set new long-term highs.