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Jan 13, 2021

Mark Fleming, chief economist for First American Financial Corp., says that the real estate market will not be returning to 'normal' when the pandemic is done because it has been fundamentally changed by the way lives have been affected by work-from-home and other trends. Those issues led to a particularly strong year in 2020 and will contribute to another big year ahead, especially with the millennials aggressively moving into their home-ownership phases at a time when there is a low supply of available homes. Also on the show, Janice Quek of Left Brain Investment Research discusses Datadog, a stock that isn't part of the firm's recent cyber-security theme but which has similar growth characteristics and potential, JP Lee of Van Eck Vectors ETFs talks about the gaming and e-sports industries and Matt Schulz of discusses where consumers went right and wrong with their savings and spending last year.