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Nov 5, 2021

David Keller, chief market strategist at, says that the seasonally strongest part of the year has arrived and the stock market is looking like it will hold to that seasonal tendency this year. He notes that while the market is overdue for a correction, there doesn't need to be a sharp sudden drop, because the market can correct in time -- moving sideways for longer -- rather than by price, a situation that he thinks will put a premium on stock-picking now. Keller wasn't the only guest optimistic about the near-term future, as Cliff Corso, president of Advisors Asset Management, says investors can continue to profit by not fighting the Fed as the central bank deals with inflation concerns and the changing economy. In The NAVigator segment, Matt Kence of the Aberdeen Credit Income Strategies Fund, discusses current opportunities in high-yield bonds and bank loans, and Rich Moroney of Horizon Investment Services -- the editor of both the Dow Theory Forecasts and Upside newsletters -- returns for the Market Call for the first time in two years to talk stocks.