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Jun 25, 2019

Jim Welsh, macro strategist for Smart Portfolios and author of the Weekly Technical Review newsletter said that the market's various benchmarks are diverging, so that while the public attention has been on recent highs for the Standard and Poor's 500, they have been ignoring the mixed and dangerous signals coming from things like the Dow Transports. He expects the market to enjoy its current highs but to for the S-and-P to challenge recent support levels of 2,800 before Labor Day, noting that if the benchmark can't hold that level it could fall to around 2,350  quickly. Also on the show, author and attorney Michael Hackard discusses protecting your loved ones from financial fraud, Roch Polimeni of the College Savings Foundation talks about their annual survey of how high school students are now viewing college through the financial lens, and Brian Andrew of Johnson Financial Group covers funds and ETFs in the Market Call.