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Feb 9, 2024

Jeff Rosenkranz, fixed income portfolio manager at Shelton Capital Management, says that if the Federal Reserve waits too long to cut rates or if systemic problems resurface -- including potential troubles with bank safety --  the economy could be due for more trouble than most observers expect. Rosenkranz expects to see a significant increase in credit troubles and defaults, noting that the classic default cycle that accompanies rate hikes hasn't really occurred yet, but that it's unlikely to be avoided completely. One area that has struggled with the rate cycle has been municipal bond funds, and Jonathan Mondillo, head of North American fixed income for abrdn, says that has pushed muni closed-end funds to record discount levels, but that has created opportunities for attractive income levels and heightened total return for investors willing to swim against the tide. In the "Talking Technicals" segment, Alex Coffey, senior trading strategist at Charles Schwab, says that with the Standard & Poor's 500 on the verge of the 5,000 level, the market has gotten beyond levels of resistance which creates significant opportunity for the market to run right up to the point where it runs out of steam, warning that these kind of rallies "typically don't end well." Plus, author Malissa Clark discusses finding the right work-life balance and her new book, "Never Not Working: Why the Always-On Culture Is Bad for Business--and How to Fix It."