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Aug 1, 2023

Jeffrey Kleintop, chief global market strategist at Charles Schwab and Co., says that the cardboard box recession of the last year -- which affected manufacturing and trade sectors, effectively 'everything that goes in a cardboard box' -- has allowed the economy and market to push forward despite potential troubles, but now he sees difficult conditions hitting some of the service sectors which could lead to worse economic conditions. While he is not expecting a hard landing -- although he notes that the weather could be a surprising economic factor -- Kleintop expects volatility and conditions that favor international investments, particularly in Japan and India.  Meanwhile, Kendall Dilley of Vineyard Global Advisors says that the market's technicals are pointing to a downturn, but showing enough strength that any correction should be a buying opportunity. Plus, Robbie Burns -- 'The Naked Trader' discusses 'The Naked Trader's Book of Trading Strategies', and forensic accountant Tracy Coenen talks about whether finding the money actually leads to recovering it and getting a payoff in the latest edition of 'Find Me The Money.'