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May 23, 2023

Alan McKnight, chief investment officer at Regions Asset Management, says that the market is being buffeted by a lot of forces, but is mostly climbing the wall of worry, making it a time to be neutral between stocks and a recovering bond market, staying more domestic over international in both fixed income and equity due to international risks and despite good valuations overseas, while waiting for the market and economy to negotiate a soft landing and possible brief recession. Likewise, D.R. Barton Jr., chief investment strategist at Finiac, says that technical analysis supports the current range-bound market staying within its range for a while longer, thoug he notes that if the market can break out of the range to the upside -- which it is close to right now -- it could pick up 10 percent by year's end. Plus, Julie Ramhold of discusses what to shop for in Memorial Day sales and what to leave for later in the summer, and forensic accountant Tracy Coenen talks about proving your case and using the results to get money back in the latest episode of 'Find Me The Money.'