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Oct 26, 2023

Larry Adam, chief investment officer at Raymond James, says he expects a recession at the start of next year, but he's not nervous about it because much of the damage is already priced in and the downturn is likely to last six months, rather than the 10 months of an average recession. Moreover, with the stock market typically bottoming four to six months before a recession ends, Adam says investors may want to be buying in while the downturn is in mid-swing. Adam currently favors technology, energy, health care and financials. Tom Lydon, vice chairman at VettaFi, brings back a long-running fund powerhouse as his ETF of the Week, Chuck answers a listener's question about inflation-protected savings bonds -- with the new I-bond inflation rate having just been announced --  and absolute-value manager Brian Frank of the Frank Value Fund talks stocks in the Market Call.