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Nov 16, 2020

Ed Shill, portfolio manager for the QCI Balanced Fund says in today's Market Call that he is feeling defensive about the market now, putting airbags on portfolios with more cash to insulate against a market he describes as overbought. He is looking into stocks that have been underbought, the names that have been suffering during the pandemic but that stand to benefit as the economy finally moves through the illness and starts to reopen more fully; that means airlines, travel companies and much more. In the Big Interview, however, Ed Confrancesco of International Assets Advisory goes the other way, suggesting that investors ride with the hot work-from-home kind of names that have led the market's rebound from March lows. Also on the show, Amy Pirozzolo of Fidelity Charitable discusses the pandemic's impact on volunteerism and charity, and Kyle Guske of New Constructs revisits some past Danger Zone picks that are no longer on the firm's 'most dangerous list,' some of which were big winners and others that defied gravity and logic.