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Sep 28, 2022

Jason Thomas, chief executive officer at Portfolio Design Labs, says that the toughest challenge facing investors right now is that safe assets -- which had done their job reasonably well during downdrafts over the last 30 years -- aren't delivering now, forcing investors to change their plans to better ride through inflationary and recessionary times. Thomas says that with the dividend portion of high-dividend stocks being undervalued, a mix of those steady payers plus short-duration bonds will help investors get through the next few years to the next phase of both the market and their investment life cycle. Also on the show, Chuck talks about The Vanguard Group's announcement this week that it was shutting down a U.S. ETF for the first time ever, and what that action says about the company and the industry -- and what it means for you -- and Andrew Graham, founder and portfolio manager at Jackson Square Capital talks in the Market Call about pursuing a growth investment strategy during a time when growth is hard to come by.