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Dec 15, 2020

Brian Nick, chief investment strategist at Nuveen, says that the disconnect between the stock market and the economy -- what the market running ahead as the economy sifts through pandemic fallout -- will mend itself late next year or in 2022, and that the result will likely be somewhat muted returns for the stock market. Nick says the market should remain positive with pockets of volatility, but that returns are likely to be muted compared to the bounceback investors have seen in 2020. Also on the show, Josh Jamner of ClearBridge Investments discusses the firm's latest Anatomy of Recession report, and says that most economic factors show that we are much closer to recovery than we are to a double-dip recession, and Jordan Waldrep, chief investment officer at Truemark Investments discusses stocks in the Market Call. Plus, Chuck pays tribute to James Coonan, the founder of the American Association of Individual Investors, who passed away at age 89 on Dec. 14.