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Dec 10, 2019

Brian Nick, chief investment officer at Nuveen, says that the stock market enters the next decade with high valuations and other conditions that do not seup up well for great investment returns, and he warns investors that they may need to move away from the tradition 60-40 stocks-to-bonds allocation in favor of something that carries more alternatives in order to continue to deliver anything close to recent results. But Nick's cautious notes are a contrast to comments from Gene Peroni of Peroni Portfolio Advisors, a renowned technical analyst who said there are "no telltale signs of a serious market top" currently on the horizon, and who suggested that dips will remain buying opportunities for the foreseeable future. Also on the show, Lior Rachmany of Dumbo Moving and Storage discusses the financial benefits of moving during the winter, and Odysseas Papadimitrou of WalletHub chats about deferred interest on retail cards and how he believes the practice should be outlawed.